I Want this, But I don’t see it Listed.

Send me an email or use the contact form. 99% of the time I can make an accommodation but there are too many possible variations to list them all.


CAn I have a discount?

I offer the following discounts for all work with a total cost of $125 or more, with no other exceptions:

  • Licensed & private school teachers: 25%

  • Registered 501(c)3 Nonprofits: 25%

  • Current sex workers (in any capacity): 20%

  • Full-time students (secondary or higher ed): 15%

The decision to offer a discount rests solely with me and I reserve to right to withdraw a discount at any time. I regularly offer special deals on work via social media.


I disagree with your Writing, politics, occupation, research, etc.

Ok. Thank you for sharing.


Can I have something for free?

No. I regularly create work for friends for free because I can. Asking for free work is a great way to get blocked.


How CAn I support you?

You can subscribe to my Patreon which gives you access to presentations based on research I do, buy from my Redbubble Store, tip me via Cash App or Venmo, or you can share my work on social media with proper attribution.


How do I pay you for work?

  1. PayPal Invoice - This is sent to you via email and allows you to pay electronically. Read more.

  2. Individual Invoice - This is a .pdf document sent via email and allows you to pay electronically (Venmo or PayPal) or via cheque (must be postmarked with 14 calendar days of invoice receipt.)

For tax reasons, I do not accept payment in cash or without an invoice. This is for your protection and mine and it is non-negotiable.